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There has been a remarkable rise in sellers offering similar products on e-commerce platforms. Today, most people prefer making a shipment arrangement for their products as opposed to getting them from a physical store. A survey conducted in 2017 estimated 1.66 billion people all over the world purchase goods online.

As a measure to win buyer impression through branding, there is a need for custom tape. These custom tapes create brand recognition when customers receive their package compared to the standard printed tape. Custom tapes contain the company name, logo and product information. Here’s why you need custom tape to stay afloat in a highly competitive field.

1. Serves as Anti-Tampering Measure

Using “fragile”, “warning”, “glass,” or “heavy” custom caution tape increases awareness when handling and shipping the products. The protective handling instructions inform the handler that the contents need to be held in a specific way or stored appropriately.

If you are shipping medical equipment, it’s important to build trust with your client base. Customized medical labels are pilfered-proof and can easily show any signs of brokerage or resealing. Industries such as hospitals need custom tape in all shipped products for purposes of easy identification and storage.

2. Helps With Stock Identification

Dry erase labels make it easy to identify the contents of the package upon arrival, while custom printed tape makes it easy for one to trace and identify lost and misplaced goods. Besides branding information, custom tape includes a batch number, product codes, expiration dates, and bar codes for supplier reference and traceability. This proves helpful in food, medical, and book supply industries.

You need custom tape when printing out your logo, slogan, signature colors, and artwork. Colored tape is particularly helpful in organizing your products and brightening the products package. Custom printed tape also ensures your product stands out and serves a constant reminder of your brand.

3. Reduces Packaging Costs

To maximize packaging and reduce shipping costs, consider buying plain cartons and using different printed tapes for identification. Custom printed tape reduces the need to hold large stocks of printed cartons. For budget-friendly packaging, you need custom tapes to help reduce production time.

If you need to supply a variety of products such as book repair tapes, cloth book tape, or spine tapes, you can do so without worrying about prohibitively high quantities. Adopting custom printed tape packaging eliminates problems related to pricing, order minimums, and multiple printing plates.

4. Improves Advertising Strategies

The more people are accustomed to your brand, the higher the chance that they will purchase from you when the need arises. Whenever you choose custom tape packaging, your brand is visible from the time it leaves the site until it reaches the consumer — hence increasing exposure.

You need custom tape to showcase professionalism and build confidence in your company and products. The first impression your consumer has of your brand will determine whether they will make a second purchase. Ensure the custom tape holds information appealing to the customers while passing valuable and relevant facts about the product.

5. Increases Consumer Satisfaction

Meeting all the needs of your clients ensures that you remain in good standing with them. This is essential in all businesses, especially those in the online market, as these business owners do not have the chance to physically interact with their consumers. In this case, their brand and product represent them — which means it’s essential to consider the customer in every aspect of production, from packaging to delivery.

Whenever you need custom tape packaging, you can be sure of positive feedback from your customers. High-quality, branded custom industrial labels will ensure that your product stands out amid fairly similar products. Custom printed tape is made of the strongest film and adhesive to guarantee a perfect seal. This is helpful as the package will not tear and will reach the consumer in perfect condition.

Reducing packaging costs while delivering quality is important in the shipping process. Towards this end, using colored tape will help to easily identify a particular product in a warehouse full of multiple products. If you need your products to stand out in a crowded online marketplace, custom tape can be a creative and effective way to achieve your goals.