Whether you need custom

branding or totally innovative

products – we can help.

Since our founding in 1976 in a garage (yes really) with one tape slitter, our company has grown to serve markets as diverse as healthcare, laboratories, industrial safety, libraries, electrical controls, oil & gas supply, restaurants & foodservice, and every variety of small business infrastructure.

We’re happiest when we’re working with you to help formulate a solution that your customers face. Because it’s not about Roll Products – it’s about you.

Let us know how we can assist your customers’ and your growth!

Del & Kathleen Latham


Along with Kathleen's nursing background, Del pulled on his pharmaceutical sales experience, and started Roll Products in 1976 selling to mostly medical and library supply companies. Moving the company to Kansas together in 1987, they expanded RPI's markets, creating innovative products and solutions until Del's passing in April, 2017, and Kathleen's in April, 2019. Their values live on every day at Roll Products.


Andrew Latham


Like the rest of Del and Kathleen’s 7 children, Andrew’s summers growing up & all through college were spent at the packaging stations, rewinders, and tape slitters of RPI. After graduating from Kansas State, starting a business, and gathering expertise in marketing, sales, and customer support, he returned to the company full-time in 2008. He took over as President in 2016, operating from RPI’s southwest location in Phoenix.

Joe Thomas


Joe has been a family friend years before he was in the business. Prior to accepting his role as Operations Manager in early 2016, he spent nearly a decade in management of a local Inc. 5000 business, helping it grow from the ground up. His experience lends professional, customer-centered growth to RPI. He became a co-owner of Roll Products, along with Andrew, in November, 2021.

Some of our first employees in 1978, posing for a newspaper article on the acquisition of our first building.


Not just a place to work.

An organization with a 

specific mission and culture.

Roll Products is a company that serves international clients, while staying true to its small-town roots in the Midwest, USA.

Our company goals were dictated by our founder, have been set by our president, and are reinforced by the experiences of our employees – some of whom have been with us since we moved our company to Kansas 3 decades ago!

The RPI culture starts at the top with our management team, and is reflected by each of our employees — all of whom we are privileged to work with every day. We strive to do what we can as a company to allow them to feel the same way!

What does this mean for you, our customers? Simply, a good culture leads to good work, consistently excellent products, and tremendous customer service. A smile and a little positivity can go a long way – even with just labels and tape.

  • To place our company totally under the loving care of Almighty God, working each day for His greater glory.
  • To remain a family-owned business.
  • To provide as many sustainable jobs as possible to our communities.
  • To see our customers as not just customers – but partners whom we work with to provide a positive, affordable product for the end user.
  • To source, as exclusively as possible, from local, and US producers.
  • To be a positive employer with a “Work to Live” mentality for our employees and their families.
  • To use profits first in the following ways:
    • Reinvesting in Roll Products, creating more sustainable jobs
    • Helping our community infrastructure projects
    • Providing for our employees and families when in need
    • Providing to as many other charities and good works as possible, such as our local churches, scholarship funds, and more.