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custom tape

How Improved Labeling Reduces Medication Errors and Improves Patient Safety

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Errors in the medical field can put the well-being of patients at risk. This is especially true when it comes to misprinted or missing labels on medications or test samples.…

How Custom Caution Tape Can Help Save Lives

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Sometimes hazardous areas aren't obvious to the naked eye. Thankfully, custom caution tape exists to help keep employees and passing citizens safe from harm. Here are just a handful of…
cloth book tape

6 Clever Uses for Cloth Book Tape

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Adhesive tapes have been around for almost two centuries now, from their invention in 1845 by Dr. Horace Day. Over the years they have found their place in many a…
medical label

Types of Custom Printed Medical Labels and Their Applications

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Anesthesia tapes and medical tags face exposure to sensitive chemical compounds. Manufacturers must adhere to pertinent regulations and high standards to ensure patient safety. A supply label should maintain its…




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