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Adhesive tapes have been around for almost two centuries now, from their invention in 1845 by Dr. Horace Day. Over the years they have found their place in many a workplace ranging from large factories, hospitals, the office, and even the home.

Their ability to serve multiple functions together with human ingenuity has made them a key part of our day to day lives either directly or indirectly. They have played their own little role in the development of civilization as we know it now.

Cloth books tape has been around for quite a while, and as such people have been able to come up with quite a few ways of making use of them.

1. Book Preservation and Repair

The most obvious use of cloth book tape is the binding of books for their preservation, as well as repair in case of loose pages. Putting that extra layer of cloth tape might add years to your favorite book. By just rolling out the repair tape, defining the cutting edges and carefully cutting and applying the tape on to a given book, you can easily repair or reinforce the spine of a hardcover book, ensuring its prolonged lifespan.

Damaged or torn book corners can be easily remedied by the cloth book repair tape. All you need to do is peel a piece of book repair tape and place it on the corner ensuring a bit of overlap and folding the ends to meet on the inside cover. The last step is to press down to ensure a good bond.

The cloth’s robust nature and durability will ensure any bibliophile’s collection will be safe for years to come.

2. Small Household Repairs

The strong adhesive and cloth within the tape make for the perfect tool to help out with a handyman’s duties around the house. Its waterproof nature and ability to withstand UV rays make it the perfect companion for both indoor and outdoor household repair work. Cloth book tape can conform to most surfaces, so you can place them anywhere on the book.

3. Packaging

Cloth book tape is water-resistant and very strong, making them perfect for packaging boxes. They ensure all your packages stay secure until they reach their intended recipients.

Their long life span ensures the packages will remain sealed until they are ready to be open no matter how long that may be.

4. Sealing

With its watertight nature and high durability and tensile strength, cloth book tape can be used to seal all manner of leaks and openings. The tape’s seal is sure to weather almost everything thrown at it.

5. DIY and crafts

Cloth book tape comes in a variety of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes, making them the perfect companion for a burgeoning hobbyist or scrapbooker. The various colored tapes available can add a pop of color to any arts and craft project.

6. Labeling

Cloth book tape can make for long-lasting labels that can be placed on a diverse range of surfaces. The color-coded tapes can make for a simple way to organize the labeled items. The custom dry erase labels can also make it easy to make corrections to any errors that may have occurred during the labeling process.

The cases above just barely scratch the surface of the uses of cloth book tape, an extremely versatile product.