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Spine Tape for Easy Book Spine Repair

By August 8, 2019September 20th, 2019No Comments

spine tapeSpine tape is a great solution for book spine repair. High quality spine repair tape is a great option when you want to salvage books.

High quality book spine tape can help to preserve old books and keep the collection in good shape. It is an easy tool to use to take care of your books.

There is a Right Way to Repair Book Spines and a Wrong Way

Book repair is an exacting science. An untrained staff member and a roll of household tape, or worse yet duct tape, can permanently damage a book. It is not enough to have good intentions when a little book spine repair is in order.

Ask any of the librarians in the 119000 libraries in the US about what happens when book spines are not repaired correctly, and they will share their horror stories with you about good intentions gone bad. Thousands of books are discarded every year because of improper repair.

The right spine tape that is made especially for book repair is an absolute necessity to ensure that the repair is done right. Of course, skilled hands are also a necessity.

Book tape or “spine tape” is not only great for repairs but it is also great for prevention! When you know that a book is going to be handled a lot or heavily circulated spine tape can help to prevent damage.

Not all tape is created equally. To effectively repair a book or protect a book from damage never use:

  • Scotch tape
  • Duct tape
  • Any tape not made specifically for book repair

Using any other type of tape to repair books will likely not give you the results that you expect and more importantly can cause damage to your book. Spine tape is formulated to be abrasion resistant, water resistant and of archival quality.

Other tapes cannot withstand the wear and tear of book use. They can fray the spine further, tear away and make the book unsalvageable.

Libraries, Book Stores, Private Collections

There are many businesses and groups that can benefit from having high quality book repair tape on hand. This type of tape is specifically designed to deliver the dependable book repair that you can count on.

Preserving books with the right spine repair tape is an easy way to save money and keep books in circulation longer. Whether you are a business owner, a non-profit, school or library saving the books is easy when you have the right tools on hand.