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Without proper labeling, chaos would ensue across the commercial sector. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s true. Labeling is essential

From book repair tape to industrial labeling, there are dozens of industries around the U.S. that utilize quality labels and tape to improve everything from organizational efficiencies to product aesthetics.

Here are just some of the various industries that rely on quality labeling and tape:


Think about all the issues that would occur if medications and equipment weren’t correctly labeled inside a healthcare facility. The medical sector relies on all kinds of labeling, anesthesia tapes, and other related products to not only help healthcare professionals perform efficiently but avoid serious medical concerns.


Large community libraries, small high school libraries, and everything in between utilizes labeling. Additionally, since Americans read an average of 12 books a year, book repair tape is used across the library and educational sector to offer quality protection, reliable finishes, and consistent results. Libraries have all kinds of color options when it comes to book binding and repair tapes, including premium cloth book tape, polyethylene bookguard tape, vinyl tape, and bookguard wings and corners.


Organizations that supply equipment and other items to manufacturers, shipping departments, and other industrial companies need to provide up-to-date information and guidelines for hazardous material labeling. Without proper labeling, there could be some serious — potentially life threatening — issues on hand within the industrial sector. Each item needs its own specific and accurate labeling annotating its susceptibility to release energy, its flammability, personal protection guidelines, and any additional health hazards that apply.


Similar to the industrial sector, the scientific community needs accurate and quality labeling, as well. Laboratories in every scientific discipline need to have detailed, legible, and durable labeling on every product, piece of equipment, or chemical that comes into their environment. Contamination labels, repair notes, numbering, radioactive labeling, formaldehyde percentages, and so much more are crucial for the safety of scientists, researchers, and anyone else working in this industry.

If you want to learn more about book repair tape, library supply labels, or need additional labeling concerns addressed — contact Roll Products right away!