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Anesthesia tape is a simple, inexpensive way to ensure that the surgical area and anesthesia storage are compliant and all safety steps are being taken. Medical labels help to cut down on risk. Durable high-quality anesthesia tape is a simple yet important tool to have on hand.

There are real dangers when using anesthesia tape that is not of the best quality. Avoiding potential risks starts with using a trusted supplier for medical labels and anesthesia tape.

The Risks of Faulty Tape

Mislabeling can be a huge problem in the operating room, faulty labels can fuel the problem. Proper labeling is a must to reduce the risk of the wrong medication being administered. The right labels will deliver the function that you can rely on.

Keeping track of inventory for anesthetics is a compliance issue. If you cannot adequately track your inventory because you have purchased medical labels that do not adhere properly. This can be not only a compliance issue but it can also easily affect the bottom line of the medical facility.

While a minor annoyance compared to other risks, not having the proper labeling can mean time wasted searching for mislabeled vials and syringes. An astounding four weeks are lost each year because of mislabeling!

Ultimately, not having trusted labels is simply unacceptable. It opens the medical facility to liability and it can result in serious consequences for the patient.

A Proper Labeling System

The right anesthesia tape from a trusted source can:

  • Color codes for specific drug classes
  • Specific information on each type like a line for strength, amount, time and date and initials
  • Standard pre-printed tapes and labels that use TALL letters to ensure it is easy to distinguish between drugs that sound and look alike

With the right labels and tapes, you can move with confidence knowing that everything is labeled properly.

A Powerful Solution At the Right Price Point

Stocking up on anesthesia tape is a great way to ensure that your facility is always in compliance and you are taking every step you can to reduce risk. It is an easy way to provide confident care to patients, manage inventory and establish accountability.

If you need custom tape, using a trusted supplier that specializes in custom labels and tapes is an easy solution to manage anesthesia activities safely. Order your labels and anesthesia tapes in bulk today.