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Double layer labels are some of the most commonly used labels in the market today. They are specifically used to label various products while at the same time ensuring that they provide the necessary information to all the interested parties. Most of the manufacturers have moved from the traditional single layer labels and are now concentrating on the single layer labels to enhance the security of their products while at the same ensuring that they have labels that can stay for a longer period.

Most of the double layer labels are commonly used for book spine repair. If you are interested in book repair tapes, here are some of the reasons why you should start using double layer labels for book spine repair tape.

1. Tape Durability

When every person is looking for book repair tapes, he is interested in tapes that will last for a longer period. People invest significant resources when buying tapes, and in no circumstance, do they want to buy tapes that will only serve them for a short period. No one wants to go back to the store to buy new tapes after buying them in the last month.

Double layer labels have proved to be very useful and long-lasting. The fact that they are double means that they are thick enough and handy to avoid any form of wear and tear. They are specifically very efficient and effective in book repair services.

2. Withstand Bumps and Heat

In most cases, people will go through books to the shelves or counters after reading. This is the most vulnerable period of the book. If someone throws your book, consider checking the spine because there is a probability that it is already damaged. However, cloth book repair tape is very sturdy and strong to withstand all the bumpy aspects thrown at the book.

Another major undoing in most of the book repair tapes is that they tend to peel out when they are exposed to heat. Most of the seal labels will move out from the spine, especially during summer. This is a very dangerous experience as it does not offer any services to the book. However, most of the double layer action labels will not be removed by heat. They will remain functional for a lengthy period.

3. Withstand Roughness

Studies indicate that Americans read an average of 12 books per year. This means that a person reads a book every month, which is greater than the global average for adults. This is a clear indication that a considerable number of people will come into contact with the book. If the book does not have the right and strong labels, it will wear out within a short period.

4. Security Issues

In a major library, security is a major issue. A considerable number of people are interested in stealing books and taking them into their home library. Therefore, all the labels used should play a vital role in enhancing the security of the book under considerations. Most of the people who take books from the library check the security features from the labels used and they can remove them with ease. However, with double and adhesive labels, no one will realize that the security barcode is still present and thereby preventing any form of theft.

5. Physical Versatility

Physical versatility of a label is a very important aspect that labels need to have. It is a major issue in modern packaging and book repair. For a longer period, most of the tapes have not been able to be physically versatile to meet the changing demand of various surfaces.

However, it is essential to record that flat surfaces have not offered any problems, but curved areas have left much to be desired. Very few labels are physically adaptable to the changing and curved surfaces. However, double layer labels have proved to be very efficient in curved areas, especially in book spines. Moreover, book spines keep on changing in shapes, but there is no much problem as seen from the labels.

There is no doubt that labels are very useful in packaging, product labeling, and book repair as well. However, this article concentrated on highlighting why individuals should use double labels on their books.